Two worthy books of interest to Nineteenists young and old that I missed earlier this summer...

For lovers of Napoleonic and military history: Owen Pataki brings the Napoleonic era to vivid, convincing life in his epic Searchers in Winter. His richly varied characters and settings convey the complexity of European power struggles and the diverse ways individuals responded to the ever-changing opportunities and challenges they posed. Deftly chosen detail balances the novel’s broad scope, creating a narrative that is never less than absorbing. Pataki offers plenty for those who already know the period well to enjoy but also grounds his narrative firmly enough to make it accessible to those unfamiliar with the historic background that informs his intertwined plot lines. (Permuted Press, 5/18/21)

And for younger readers: Julia Golding's Jane Austen Investigates: The Abbey Mystery introduces an excellent new middle grade series based on the famous author. Golding, co-host of the wonderful "What Would Jane Austen Do?" podcast, not only loves Austen but knows her life and times well; fueled with that information and affection, she combines an absorbing puzzle, suspenseful story, and a well-grounded picture of Austen and her era. Fans of the recent Sally Lockhart and Enola Holmes dramas, young readers drawn to clever heroines, as well as those who just love historical stories generally will love this deftly done book. A second installment, Jane Austen Investigates: The Burglar's Ball is due out this fall. (Lion Hudson, 4/23/21)