I'm delighted to premiere the first issue of the Society Nineteen Journal this November 19. In this first issue, three very different novelistsTasha Alexander, John Harwood, and Charles Palliser talk about their new books, their literary craft, and their enduring fascination with the 19th century; fiction writer Rita Ciresi celebrates the goofball Victorianism of the original Dark Shadows; film buff Warren Obluck offers our first Nineteen List, of iconic 20th century films set in the 19th century; we showcase the 1855 photographs of Philip Henry Delamotte documenting the reconstruction of the Crystal Palace on our Gallery; and I re-read Steven Johnson's brilliant The Ghost Map and report on news and new books of interest to those fascinated by writers "19." I hope you enjoy So19, and I look forward to sharing new interviews and features with you each month. (Check back at the lists at right for upcoming content). Please consider querying us about writing a feature for So19 yourself, and don't hesitate to email or Facebook us to suggest books or authors you think So19 should cover. Though I won't pretend it will be possible to act on all suggestions, I much appreciate your thoughts.Suzanne Fox